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    Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps

    There are some straightforward differences between these two apps – for one, hybrid apps are comprised of coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, where Native apps, on the other hand, gets structured using coding specific to the platform

    Date Posted: 2020-05-25

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    The Mobile App Development Process

    While at first glance the process of developing a mobile app may appear simple, there is a vast and intricate system of decisions and technicalities that need to be addressed.

    Date Posted: 2020-05-22

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    Web Apps vs Mobile apps

    On the face of it, mobile applications and web applications appear to be alike.

    Date Posted: 2020-05-18

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    How to Plan a Mobile App

    While on the face of it, mobile application planning appears like a simple endeavor, there are a substantial amount of things that happen behind the scenes that you would need to consider.

    Date Posted: 2020-05-15

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    Mobile App Success Stories

    There are masses of statistics that revolve around the success brought on by the incorporation of mobile apps.

    Date Posted: 2020-05-13

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    Mobile App Statistics in South Africa

    We have compiled detailed compilation using search reports from various groups such as GlobalWebIndex, GSMA Intelligence, Statista, App Annie and SimilarWeb. Current digital trends and movements have been recorded to present the key findings here:

    Date Posted: 2020-05-11

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