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We are a team of Digital Marketing specialists based in Durban, South Africa. At Epicdev we are driven by results, adamant on achieving return on investment (ROI) for our clients. Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term investment, if done right and maintained well. It is a delicate science that is not aimed at setting all of the various elements that go into a successful website up in such a way that it works well with search engines and is highly noticeable and popular online.

Epicdev employs its own methods which we’ve learned through trial and error over the last 10 years; not only have we reached first page results for many of our clients, but we have also reach the number one position on the first page for very competitive keywords. Allow us to do a free evaluation of your website and draw up a strategy and proposal that will benefit your website greatly by ranking higher on popular search engines such as Google.

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How We Work

Epicdev’s company culture is up close and personal. We offer a personalized, hands-on service. We want to understand what it is that makes your business tick. What are your challenges? How can we help solve them by implementing robust and proven digital marketing strategies and techniques. After all, if your website is not working hard for your business, is it really paying for itself and serving its purpose to the fullest extent?

Describe your perfect buyer personas to us and we’ll research their online browsing habits. Do you already have a good idea which keywords your ideal audience tend to use on search engines? Great! Please send that through to us and we’ll respond with a evaluation and proposal right away. Not sure about where to start? No problem! Let’s hop on a call and discuss it further.

What Can You Expect

  • Climb the ranks on Search Engine Results Pages within a few weeks.
  • An evaluation of your site’s current exposure and where we can take it.
  • Expert advice on the best strategies to achieve your desired results.

  • An aggressive once-off boost and ongoing monthly maintenance.
  • In-depth research into your target market and their searching habits.
  • Keyword research to find the best and most popular keywords to target.
  • A personalised, hands-on approach with regular updates on progress.

On-page Optimisation & Off-page Optimisation

Epicdev has qualified software developers onboard as well as digital marketing experts, thus we are able to provide a holistic search engine optimisation strategy that includes the optimisation of the website’s code as well as off-page strategies which include: backlinks, reciprocal links, various forms of content marketing, business citations, social networking and more.

Some Proof of our Work

Take a look at some of the metrics we’ve achieved on Google (please note that these results may variate depending on the date, time and location of your search).

  • Keywords: “salt rock estate”, First page, Position: 1, Client: New Salt Rock City
  • Keywords: “jungle gyms durban”, First page, Position: 2, Client: Durban Poles
  • Keywords: “source salon suppliers”, First page, Position: 1, Client: Health Technology
  • Keywords: “boost beauty salon profits”, First page, Position: 5, Client: Health Technology
  • Keywords: “durban app developers”, First page, Position: 1, Internal
  • Keywords: “garage door repairs durban”, First page, Position: 2, Client: Durban Door Services
  • Keywords: “durban imports and exports”, First page, Postion: 1, Client: Durban Clearing
  • Keywords: “clearing agents durban”, First page, Position: 1, Client: Durban Clearing

What Our Clients Say

Our relationship with Epicdev now spans 5 years. We have used them in both website design and advertising spheres and we find them to be professional, responsive and understanding of our needs. Their work speaks for itself and we will definitely recommend them to others.

Mohammed Essack – General Manager / National Co-ordinator, Seedfence and Durban Poles

We have found Epicdev to provide a very personal and personified service with a great degree of skill and versatility. Epicdev assisted us with very important NPO work during the COVID-19 epidemic and did so with a great adaptability to the numerous challenges we faced. They assisted us with our social media marketing and helped us design and fix issues on our new website. All of these endeavours were very successful and we would recommend their services. We will be using them again in the future.

Cherie Cawood – CEO, Epicentre

Epicdev is an amazing company. They have immense talents within their group. Lannon is a visionary and can understand many concepts beyond his years of experience. It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend them.

Dr Jovanni Neblett Blackmon – Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist, USA

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We Can Also Help with the Following

Professional, custom web design and development services.

From standard portfolio websites to robust ecommerce websites and web applications. We create captivating websites that are easy to use and navigate with user-friendly Content Management Systems (CMS).

Professional, optimised content writing services for your website.

We write content that inspires, converts and has all the right keywords in all the right places. Our content is strategically written to please both humans and Search Engine bots alike.

Designing and creating social media accounts to link to your website.

Back in the day we used to say: “if your business does not have a website, it does not exist”. Today you can say the same for social media. Your prospective customers will want to stalk you on social media to see if you really are credible. You better be present.

Managing, posting and engaging on your social media accounts

There is nothing worse than a dormant social media business page. What happened? Did the business close down? Does it simply not care about being social and keeping its customers and followers informed about what’s going on? Don’t create the wrong first impressions and don’t miss the opportunity to market yourself on multiple channels.

Google Ads campaigns to reach the very top of Google’s first page.

The very top of Google’s pages are every more cluttered by businesses out-bidding each other to dominate this space. It is not all about the amount of money you’re willing to spend though, there is a very fine science to this strategy and we have the secret sauce.

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