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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. How long will an online project take?

Our Answer: The timeframe given to a web project can be anywhere from 1-6 months, depending on the dynamics involved and is also mostly dictated by the cooperation of the client. If you have a deadline in mind, our team will endeavour to meet it for you.

Some Companies: Many companies offer quick solutions, please be wary of this as these solutions usually come with many errors and glitches and your project could end up costing you more - remember Rome wasn't built in a day!

Handy Hint: To avoid delays and to speed up the process of your project, have your content (text/images) ready and try to approve the concepts we offer as soon as possible.

Q2. Is it necessary to meet before and during a project?

Our Answer: Normally a meeting isn't necessary and many of our projects are completed with contact via Email, Telephone and Skype only. For your reassurance however, we would be happy to meet with you personally.

Some Companies: Avoid all talk and no action approaches, this will delay your project and often leads to confusion about what is required.

Good to Know: During development, Epicdev ® loads suggested web concepts onto the internet at a secure link where only you and us have access to it so that it can be discussed. Once the project is completed to your satisfaction, we will link it to your chosen domain.

Q3. Can you provide all our web design and hosting services?

Our Answer: Certainly - Epicdev ® offers complete online solutions. All our services are specialised, meaning we have professionals in all online fields: web hosting, customized email addresses, design, SEO and web marketing included.

Some Companies: Some companies only offer certain online services of expertise, forcing you to turn to other companies to complete your requirements - this will cost you time and money and often leads to confusion.

Great deal: We are happy to customize a package according to your requirements and offer you a satisfactory deal.

Q4. Will my website design be "Search Engine" friendly?

Our Answer: Yup, for sure! We develop our sites with Search Engines in mind and we ensure that we are updated with evolving Search Engine guidelines.

Some Companies: Companies that offer DIY websites or web template solutions are often not structured to be compliant with all Search Engines.

To consider: Keep your website well maintained as Search Engines do often alter their rules and algorithms and you will want to ensure that your site complies with new developments.

Q5. Will the website you build allow me to edit the content myself?

Our Answer: Yes, we build our site using EpiCMS, enabling you to easily update your content and other data. We offer our clients free training on how to access and utilize the system.

Some Companies: Extremely cheap CMS solutions often come with errors and other complications, remember to always read the fine print.

Learn something new: CMS stands for Content Management System.

Q6. Will my website be mobile friendly?

Our Answer: All our websites are designed responsively, meaning that your site will fit perfectly to the screen of your mobile or other hand-held device. Our creations are impressively mobile friendly!

Some Companies: Many amateur companies do not yet have this service on offer or they offer it at an extreme additional cost.

Is this necessary: Most definitely! With the evolution of technology it is important that all websites can be viewed on the ever popular mobile and hand-held devices such as iPads and tablets.

Q7. Once my website design is completed - what aftersales service do you offer?

Our Answer: Our expert team has the resources to offer you complete corporate branding solutions. Apart from offering online solutions such as web development, SEO, SMM and hosting, Epicdev ® also offers other graphic designs services such as: logo design, business card design, portfolio design etc.

Some Companies: You will find that other design companies might charge you less for designs but please remember that perfection is key and at Epicdev we do research into your field to ensure that you receive impressive designs.

Final words: Please contact us for more information regarding the above. We will glad tailor a package to suite your requirements at an acceptable fee.

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