Looking for someone to help you get found? That’s us! Need a little more hands on help with your online marketing compaigns? Why not contact us?

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We can help you promote and advertise your business online using only the best and tested digital marketing strategies. Companies trust us to manage their online presence, from conception to the point where it is ready to be marketed online – it NEEDS to be seen! We can assist you in setting up all of your online marketing accounts as well administering them for you on a month to month basis – we do this professionally and optimally to ensure that your website gets the attention it requires.

“Epicdev is a complete online solutions company and we pride ourselves in not only creating outstanding websites, systems and designs for our clients, but also getting them found on the BIG WIDE WEB!”

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Our Websites Are

Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services
Facebook Administration and PPC Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services
Email Newsletter Campaigns (include design, software set-up and sending)

What Sets us Apart?

Our online marketing strategies are customized according to the products and services you sell and we will assist you in putting together a plan to obtain the best advertising results for your specific niche – our packages are not set but are rather built according to what your target audience expects, so that we can engage with them and encourage healthy transactions. “we know our stuff”.


Let us use our knowledge to help you plan your digital strategy. Online marketing begins at creating a website that your audiences will respond to in the way that you want them to. Allow the Epicdev team to build you a portal that has the potential to engage audiences like no other. We’re really good at this! All of our marketing is done in house – no outsourcing required.


Let us create your online presence. No challenge is too big for us, we have both the creativity and expertise to “make it happen”. We create to get a good reaction from your viewers, not to impress the artists. From the first phase of development through to the marketing process, our priority is to keep your viewers happy, to help them find what they are looking for.


We want to effectively connect you with existing and new clients and help you grow your business. We want to see our community thrive! We really are community driven and while we grow, we want you to grow too! We believe this is something that sets us aside from the rest. Yes, we use the word “we” often – get the message?

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