Trends should not be the main focus of your designs, but they should definitely be considered if your goal is to stay modern. Some trends will also translate some businesses perfectly and others not, so they are worth exploring.

5 Most Prominent Trends This Year

1. Neumorphism

Neumorphism is a fresh new interpretation of the more commonly used skeumorphism. While the latter focuses on creating an interface that looks like its real-life counterpart, neumorphism focuses on something entirely new.

Imagine your buttons. Now, imagine your background overlapping your buttons. This makes for a very soft, subtly contrasting interface. It’s all about how the light and shadow interact with each other. And in this case, they interact with each other in the gentlest of ways, creating a very soothing aesthetic.

Parallax Animation sketch
2. Parallax Animation

Parallax scrolling is a technique used in visual graphics where the background image moves past the camera more slowly than foreground images, or stays static while foreground images moves over it with the camera. This creates the illusion of a 3D space.

This effect has seen increasing popularity in recent years for a variety of elements, including micro-interactions and particle backgrounds.

3. Multimedia

It’s impossible to keep everyone happy, but one can sure try! Including embedded videos, striking images with informative alt text and tags, animated information, sound and text content on your website allows you to appeal to various audiences based on how they prefer to receive information.

Just be sure to prioritize simplicity so as not to overwhelm the viewer, and create clear ways for them to navigate, such as a play button on the video instead of auto-playing it.

4. Comfortable/Muted Colours

Web designers have taken into account that more and more people are spending their time on their computers. The world is moving into a primarily digital direction, and if not approached and dealt with effectively, eye strain could become a real problem.

More relaxing aesthetics are taking the lead in the form of soft colour palettes such as olive greens, warm browns and pastel pinks. These less jarring colour schemes all point to web designers opting for comfort rather than dramatic innovation.

Person browsing the net
5. Dark Mode

An extension of the above point, dark mode and low light designs are still trending thanks to the reduction of eye strain in low-light environments.

Dark mode also allows surrounding elements to pop and makes them easy to highlight. It also compliments most colour schemes, looks modern and saves device battery power. All in all, a good option.