Why Your Website Needs to be Secure

Why Your Website Needs To Be Secure

Back in the day, smaller websites and servers were generally safe from attackers. Unless you got on the wrong side of a computer genius or were a huge financial institution – the everyday small business website was safe and the risk of it being hacked was extremely low. More recently, however, technology has become extremely advanced and many hacking assisted tools have been developed, making it that much easier and faster for someone to dig into a website and pull out information.

Now Hackers are Out to Breach the Security of Websites So That They Can Gain Access to Valuable and Personal Information, Such As:

• Your contact details, including your address
• Your financial information, like your credit card details
• Or they might use your website as a portal to send out spam and viruses to your subscriber list

Protecting your website in modern days is no simple task and with the availability of third party software that allows you to design your own website, you are even more at risk.

Websites Usually Get Hacked Because of 3 Things:

• Access Control
• Software Vulnerabilities
• Third-Party Integrations

At Epicdev we hand-code websites from the get go, no third-party software is involved. We also install security in our coding every step of the way, making it impossible to hack. Further to this, if someone does try to get through our placed security, we are immediately alerted and your site will be locked before any further hacking attempts are made.


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