Tips for Choosing a Web Development Company

You have an out of this world idea for an application, you have gathered some funds and have spoken to potential investors. Now what? Your next step is to approach web and software development companies in your area, or even abroad. Before you do so however, narrow your list of potential developers by doing your research using the following criteria:

1. How Old is The Company?

Older companies have established themselves and have a good client base. This means that you won’t be their guinea pig!

2. How Many Staff Members are There?

Does the company come across as being a one-man band, or are there a team of members collaborating together? Do the members come across as people you see yourself working well with?

3. Did You Like What You Saw in the Company’s Portfolio?

Be sure to check out the work any company is willing to offer to get an idea of their standards and style. It’s of utmost importance that you pair with a company that has your vision at heart!

4. Does the Company have Good References?

Read some testimonials on their website, you can even go as far as contacting some of their clients for honest feedback.

5. What is The Company’s Search Ranking?

Having a good search and page rank is a positive indication that the company is either very popular OR, they know their stuff when it comes to SEO and Google Adwords.

6. Are Their Websites Mobile Responsive?

Some development companies still do not build sites that are mobile compatible, they are either stuck back in time or do not have the capabilities of building responsive sites.

At Epicdev, we can honestly and proudly say that we meet all of the above requirements, but we will leave you to discover this for yourself. We have many years of trading experience behind us and you can visit our team online, we are sure you will love our faces! We hope that we have the pleasure of working with you in future!

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