The Santa Shoebox Project

This year has been a wonderful year for all of us here at Epicdev. So, to show our appreciation and thankfulness for what we have, we decided to spread the joy by giving back to our community.

This year we chose to share in the act of giving with the Santa Shoebox Project by pledging 3 boxes to the cause. We split the required items needed to fill the boxes among our team members by doing a little draw.

At the end of the day, the boxes came together very nicely and everyone did a very good job of choosing the gifts. A lot of thought and care went into our purchases, making it that much more special.

We love this cause so much that we would like to pledge more boxes for next year’s drive. We also challenge the rest of the Upper Highway community to pledge and deliver a box for 2018! Let’s help the project reach 1 million children by 2019!

You can find out more about this project here:

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