Spruce Up Your Email Signature with These Design Tips

Having an email signature that sticks out and makes a statement is just another opportunity for you to highlight your business and form a good impression. At Epicdev we design email signatures almost on a daily basis and our team does an excellent job on them! When asking the designers what they keep in mind when creating the signatures, they offered the following advice:

• Keep colour to subtle splashes, that is, always have more white space since this gives the opportunity for the splashes of colour to really catch one’s eye. Pastel colours are preferred, but if you want to include brighter colours, then it’s best to give them more of a gradient effect to help tone them down. Key contact details should always be black in colour.
Include fonts that complement each other, but limit the variety. Typography in design is currently very popular, but the trick is not to overdo it. Stick to 2-3 font varieties in your design that help to make it look awesome and easy to read to get your slogan/message across.
Remember to include your social media links, preferably in the form of an icon. Limit icons to 3-4 however, there’s no need to overwhelm recipients.
Avoid using images in your email signature. Many Email Clients have settings that block images, so to some of your recipients your email signature will look out of sorts (the image won’t display).

If you are looking for a professional company who can design email signatures with a fast turnaround time – contact us here at Epicdev: info@epicdev.co.za

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