Silicon Valley Series – the Epic Review

Being a tech savvy team, we are all hooked on HBO’s series Silicon Valley and the latest episode often comes up for discussion (mostly debate) during working hours (yes we do actually work – hard)! We had this bright-spark idea that we would interview willing members of our team, giving you our overall review/rating of the show. Here goes –

Dustin Auby (Senior Developer): Only seen season one (sigh). His opinion “I enjoyed it, looks good” – thanks for the mouthful there Dust 😉

Lannon Harms (Project Manager): “Well, first of all, it is hilarious and secondly I can relate to what those guys are going through most of the time, so yeah, it is at the top of my list of favorite series at the moment!”

Amie Harms (Admin & Accounts): “I think the characters are awesome and often compare them to some of the dudes here at the office! It’s funny and interesting. The only thing I don’t like is how often things go wrong in their business, Pied Piper.”

Kalden Swart (Junior Developer): Finished the series. His 2 cents – “While the algorithm doesn’t make actual sense, the rest of the show is pretty accurate and interesting”.

Austin Auby (Intern): IT.IS.FUNNY (thank you for that Austin).

Toni Cox (Digital Marketing Exec): Here’s what Toni had to say, left the best for last – “I think that Silicon Valley is frustratingly addictive! I think it is probably a very real depiction of what it is like to break-through into that industry – and that makes me want to keep watching, just to see what those guys will do next. (Not to mention, they are all hilarious!)”

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