SEO: Please Be Patient While We Prepare for Lift-Off

If you have decided to keep up business appearances & send your competition a smug look, then we take it that you have established an awesome online presence? Right, so your website has been uploaded…but umm YOU CAN’T FIND IT ONLINE! We get panicky calls from clients all the time wanting to know where their “web page” is.

First of all…breathe & then listen with an open mind. Google’s job is one that never ends, this favourable Search Engine spends its time scrolling and indexing thousands of websites daily, new websites as well as those that have made updates & changes. Only once your site is indexed will it be found for selective niche keywords such as your business name (location included e.g. Sparky’s Electrical Services in Townsville).

Next. If you want your website to be found (preferably on that first page of Google) then implementing SEO practices is imperative. Search Engine Optimisation is the practice where experts apply strategies to boost your website’s ranking so that it is found online for applicable & relevant keywords (such as “qualified electrician townsville” or “electrical company townsville”). On-page & Off-page SEO techniques are performed with precision & need to meet search engine standards to be effective (this is where the totally awesome Epicdev Team comes in).

But here is where we beg, plead and encourage you to please be patient while we prepare for lift off. SEO needs to be implemented continuously (preferably monthly) and within the first quarter of your campaign it is normal not to see the positive results (like good tea, they are brewing). You see, all the keyword research & incorporation, the backlinks generated & the content updates made will take a few months to be registered, considered and then rewarded by search engines across the online globe. Only once you have received Google’s approval will your website begin to climb the page rank ladder and be found a step above your competitors.

SEO is an investment & like all investments, it takes time to yield substantial results. If you are looking for immediate visibility for your website, then Pay-Per-Click marketing such as Google Adwords can be recommended. Ideally however, you should want your site to list in the paid results as well as the trusted Organic Search Results (no.1 spot).

Read more about why SEO needs to be practiced monthly: Take Our Advice, SEO Strategies Need To Be Implemented Continuously!

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