Mobile App Success Stories

There are masses of statistics that revolve around the success brought on by the incorporation of mobile apps. Since the majority of people own mobile devices, and a large portion of their daily time is spent using it, it opens businesses up to taking advantage of this time spent on mobile to market to them directly.

How a Mobile App Can Help

Statistics have shown that, with the advancement in technology, numbers in mobile usage are soaring. With more mobile usage, it becomes possible to reach potential leads more efficiently and with far less effort and trouble than before.

Gone are the days where you have to find billboard space or compete for a spot in the newspaper. With access to spaces such as the Android or Apple stores, people come across your apps organically. If your app is optimized and user-friendly, people will be inclined to refer it to their friends, leave good reviews, and by extension increase your client base for you.

3 Companies That Use Mobile Apps


In the age of information, education is vital to getting ahead. Cape Town-based Ed-Tech start-up SkillUp is a web-based platform that pairs parents and students with suitable tutors who can schedule lessons to receive the educational help they need.

The employees at SkillUp endeavour to find the top tutors to provide the best care that they can for students. Tutors from all over the country can sign up and undergo the application process. If and when accepted, they can then be found by a student or parent who is looking for someone in their area with a specific subject-level requirement.

After receiving multiple inquiries about online lessons for increased convenience, the company released Lesson space. Lesson space is an online platform that allows students and tutors to commence their lessons regardless of whether they can meet with each other.

The tutors are matched up with students this way based on the subject, location, and available budget. They ensure that the software remains efficient and attempt to resolve any issues as quickly as is possible. The goal is to make it as easy to use as a pencil, therefore anyone from any age group needs to be able to use it.

In addition to facilitating more suitable tutor-student pairing, Lesson space is also there to ensure that all the relevant content is always close at hand. Since you are using your computer, you would always be in reach of any notes that you may have forgotten when meeting up physically.

A recent mission of SkillUp has been to advance students’ educational futures by developing and introducing a project that will teach students rudimentary coding. Teaching Kids to Code will teach students fundamentals in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to secure a future in coding if they wish to pursue it.


Capetonian couple Alen Ribic and Aisha Pandor decided to invest their savings into their own cleaning business after struggling to find their own.

The platform acts as the Uber of cleaning services, as it gets referred to often, by pairing domestic workers to people looking for a cleaner. The workers do not even have to be employed directly by SweepSouth to be booked for work; however, the company does take a marginal commission fee.

The business conducts interviews with potential domestic workers – predominantly single mothers with dependants – before distributing their services. The workers tend to make far above the national minimum wage, securing their income far better than most other domestic workers.

Recently, they have also received investment from Simply Financial Services and used the capital to provide life and disability insurance to their workers. They have also combined efforts with Afrika Tikkun to provide education to the cleaners focused on career guidance.

The founders are not stopping there, however. With every interested investor, the endeavor to optimize workflow and take care of their workers.


Digital innovator and finance graduate Khona Khumalo saw a lack of efficient taxi services. He aimed to create a service that is safe and convenient for people to use to get around, and that’s how Khwela was born.

The mobile app ensures daily taxi travel easier for commuters. The app also includes a chat forum for people to share and solve concerns, make recommendations and feedback within the platform.

Traffic is a nightmare for all travellers. Khumalo’s goal was to create a way for people to get somewhere safely instead of needing to ask strangers for directions when they cannot find a taxi that can take them where they need to go.

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