Keep Social Media Clean

More and more employers are admittingly looking at candidate’s social media accounts before making a decision on who to hire, and the same goes for consumers and businesses who are looking to approve suppliers. While a CV says one thing, lately Human Resource departments are visiting social media profiles to get a better indication of who you are, before employing you, or agreeing to do business with you.

Have you had a look at your social media accounts recently? We live in a digital age where our lives are showcased online and, more than ever, you need to keep it clean! You need to watch what you broadcast to the world, since an impulsive statement or pictures from a drunken night out could cost you!

You could, of course, set your accounts to “private”, which will keep prying eyes away. But, a well maintained online presence that is kept open to the public might be beneficial to you, especially if you are hoping to be head-hunted by the corporates, or perhaps close the business deal of your dreams. In this case, you need to spend some time “getting your house in order”. You need to relook at your social media accounts and remove pictures, comments and statements that might set you in a bad light, especially the more recent additions anyhow (I’m sure you will be somewhat excused for your younger days).

Now that you have cleaned up a little, it’s time to spruce your accounts up! When potential employers or businessmen visit your page, make them fall in love with you! Engage in a sense of trust and professionalism. Let your skills, hobbies and characteristics stand out. Keep your status updates professional (avoid spelling mistakes) and keep comments polite and respectful. In our modern era, your social media accounts are an extension of your CV or portfolio – so use the portals to your advantage!

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