Improve Your Blog’s Visibility by Putting These 3 Things into Practice

We have all been told time and time again that our website’s blog has the potential to be our biggest marketing tool for our business. Well, whoever has told you this, is not wrong. A blog gives you the means to attract users or potential customers on various levels. For instance: A florist could write a post like “A Step-by-step Guide To Making The Perfect Spring Flower Arrangement” or “Five Yellow Flowers In Bloom That Need To Be In This Week’s Arrangement.”

There are hundreds of things that a single industry could write about in their blog. All you need to do is think about what your target audience wants to read about.

Now that you are creating the content, you need your audience to see it. Right?

There are 5 simple practices that you can do to help increase the visibility of your blog posts.

1. Grab Attention With a Great Title

Here are two examples of a title for the same blog post:

Example 1: “3 Spring flowers in bloom.”

Example 2: “3 Eye-catching Spring Flowers in Bloom RIGHT NOW.”

Which one of these titles is more appealing to you? Which title makes you really want to find out which flowers are in bloom?

A well-constructed post title will not only give a user a hint of what is in the post, but it will also make the post stand out from the rest – for users and search engines alike.

2. Decide What Your Keywords Are and Use Them Wisely

The body of your post is the most important part, obviously. The body is not only where you are conveying your specific message, but also a chance to optimize the post for search engine visibility. Search engines will crawl your page content and meta data to better learn how to index it.

Always help the bots… Help them to understand your post by spelling it out for them.

• Research the keywords or phrases that you should use.
• What words would your target audience use to search with?
• What is your post about?

Once you have a list of keywords for your post and a clear idea of who you are targeting, you are ready to compile the body. Incorporate your keywords strategically into the paragraphs and headings. Now search engines can clearly understand what your post is all about.

3. Let’s Get Visual Baby!

Roughly 90% of information submitted to the brain is visual.

Besides that, pictures hold a reader’s attention for a longer period of time, thus giving them a sense of trust after reading and being educated by your content. Break up the body of your post with relevant and interesting pictures. Strategically place them to make sense with the flow of the content. Retaining a reader’s attention from the start will reduce a page’s bounce rate, effectively proving to search engines that the page is popular – raising it up in the search results.

Bonus: Social Media power.

Harness the power of Social Media to drive traffic to your page/website and grow its popularity. You can even structure your Social Media posts using the same practices above.


Increasing the visibility of your blog can be easy when you have a properly researched game plan in place. Once you find something that works for you, writing quality content will be a breeze.

Title, keywords, visuals… is a very good place to start.

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