How Google AdWords Can Help You

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords can help you connect with potential customers who are looking for products and services like yours. You’ll pick keywords related to your products/ services and then you have the option to choose how much you would like to spend per click on your ad – this means that each time someone clicks on your ad; it will charge you that amount. Your text-based ads will appear in search results and on Google’s content network based on your bids for keywords.

Every time that someone searches on Google, AdWords runs an auction to determine which ads will show on the search results page and what their rank will be on that page. To place your ads in this auction, you first have to decide what type of customer action you’d like to pay for. For example, you might choose to pay for the following actions:

CPM Bid:

The number of times that your ad is shown – Cost Per Thousand Impressions.We recommend the CPM bidding method if you want to increase awareness of your brand. Note that CPM bidding is available for Display Network campaigns only.

CPC Bid:

Every time that one of your ads receives a click.This is known as a cost-per-click, or CPC, bid. We recommend the CPC bidding method if you want to drive traffic to your website.

CPA Bid:

Cost Per Action bidding. This bidding occurs every time someone takes a specific action on your website after clicking on one of your ads. We recommend the CPA bidding method for seasoned AdWords advertisers who are interested in conversations, like purchases or sign-ups.

How Much Should You Spend on AdWords?

This depends on a number of variables, such as how commonly used your selected keywords are, the more commonly used the keywords the higher the bid will be to get your ad higher up on the list. You want to be able to see results from using Adwords and to see results you are going to have be willing to spend a bit of money on it, in our opinion depending on your type of ad, you should spend at least R2000 – R5000 a month in order to see results. AdWords lets you set daily budgets for your campaigns with the flexibility to change them at any time, there is a formula to help you work out a budget for your daily cost (Cost-per-click x Click-per-day = Daily Budget).

What Can Adwords Do for Me?

The Epicdev team offers Adwords campaigns to companies who are interested in advertising their business online, we will find a budget that best suits you and will get the best results.

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