Help! I Can’t Find My Brand-New Website on Google!

Every so often we get a call from a very panicked client who is ready to shoot fire at us. We have just uploaded their brand-spanking new website and they are geared for business, but when they try to look for it online, it’s nowhere to be found. At Epicdev we understand that when you have a new website created for your business, the first thing you want to do is find it on the internet. But having a website that is brand new (recently launched / made to go “live”) on the internet is completely separate from being able to find it in a search engine such as Google.

When a website is “live,” you will be able to find it by entering your web address (URL) into a web browsers address bar. A web address looks like this “” and is found right at the top of your page. Unfortunately, you can’t enter the name of your business or related keywords into a search engine or address bar and expect to find it the same day it is launched.

Before your website will appear in Google search results in fact, Google needs to crawl the internet (using bots) and discover your new site. This often takes an average of 2-4 weeks, if not longer. After your website has been indexed, you might still be disappointed with your results. Many clients are under the impression that their website will automatically be placed on the very first page of Google. This is not so.

Google and fellow search engines treat brand new websites like one would treat a brand-new business. They check your site for quality, credibility and value – all of this can only be established over time with the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) practices put in place. This means that you need to monitor your competitor’s SEO and Online Marketing practices and ensure that your site is being well-maintained in the SEO department to ensure that you are in the line of competition and stand a chance of appearing on that very first page.

At Epicdev we develop our websites to include on-page optimisation, which means your site will already be launched with a solid SEO foundation, giving you a good head start. For assistance with off-page optimization or to update your current on-page SEO efforts, give us a call and we will gladly assist! | | 031 767 5580

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