Going Digital is the Future!

In the midst of today’s panic, there is always a silver lining, always something positive to look out for. Not only does working remotely offer a massive opportunity for you to expand your skill-set (Youtube is your friend), but this is also the time you can be researching the best practices to implement after lock-down to ensure that your business thrives throughout any challenges to come.

Recession is not something to be taken lightly, but it hardly spells doom for any business that’s prepared to fight it. It’s nothing if not just another opportunity for your company to become stronger and more fundamentally structured to withstand any storm that comes its way.

Let’s also not forget that there are measures that have been taken to aid smaller businesses that would need it, the UIF system will be called on for help and some philanthropists have been known to sponsor some companies who need it.

So what are some measures you can take yourself to help your business?

Digital Marketing is Your Friend!

About 89% of consumers visit Google, Bing or another search engine to find information about the products or services that they’re interested in, at any given time. Right there is your golden opportunity for exposure. The internet is not just a niche market anymore – it’s a gold-mine of investment opportunity.

There is over a billion people that are connected to a social media platform of some kind, such as Facebook and Instagram. Here, you can closely assess your target market’s behaviour to deliver a personalised marketing strategy that would hit the bull’s eye mark every time.

Digital Marketing offers endless benefits such as better real-time interaction with customers with more convenience, accurate insights using analytics, improved inventory management, better resource allocation, efficient business decisions – the list goes on!

If any of the above terms intimidated or confused you, look no further. At Epicdev we pride ourselves on delivering meticulously crafted digital marketing strategies for our clients to ensure optimal exposure and lead conversions.

How Will Going Digital Benefit Your Business?

Increased Exposure for Your Brand Online

The combination of content marketing and social media marketing – namely, writing engaging and high quality copy and broadcasting your brand on the right social media platforms – will expand your audience reach with the help of search engines. If you have good quality content, yours will be among the first of the products/services that potential consumers will see when they search for it online.

Establish the Ideal Demographic as Your Target Audience

As mentioned before, the use of analytics can help you narrow down on who your ideal target audience is by tracking real-time information such as the number of site visitors, where they live, etc. This will help you optimise the content that you use to market yourself.

Affordable and Profitable for Any Business

Digital marketing is much more affordable than traditional marketing, and all your hard work can be stored and backed up digitally so you never need to worry about redoing it or losing it. You also don’t need a large workforce to maintain your online presence. That, along with the proven results of huge ROI for businesses who go digital, makes it a very profitable practice.

Real-Time Interaction with Your Entire Client Base

Improved consumer interaction is the big one – you want to be able to assist your consumers as swiftly and as efficiently as you can, and this is best done on digital platforms, where you can easily and immediately answer any queries they have, problems they are experiencing, etc.

When is the Best Time To Go Digital?

As soon as possible!

The future of digital transformation is no longer just an afterthought or a dot on the horizon. It’s essential for businesses to begin and progress with their transition to have the competitive edge in any market. We are in the epicentre of a digital Darwinism and the businesses that embrace and invest in that are the ones who will thrive!

If you need help with your journey to digitalising your business and preparing it for the future, feel free to contact one of our experts at Epicdev today!

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