From Web Design to User Experience

Old school web design: focusing on the graphics and impressive features.

New school web design: focusing on user experience (let’s just get to business)!

For years design trends have been set to make websites look “beautiful” and designers have been challenged to out-do each other in their artistic endeavors. Come 2017, we finally an online revolution! Web design techniques have changed drastically and have moved into something that’s more than just aesthetics – in fact, it has started to affect how users are interacting with the technology behind it.

Today’s web designers are in charge of designing an entire experience for the user. If we look at a web designer’s job description, we’ll find a lot of requirements which go beyond the traditional idea of “web design”.

Experience design still makes things look Epic (don’t fret, you’ll still get that pretty picture), but it also offers a complete favorable experience of the user. An experience is all about creating a satisfying journey. Think about how you react when you receive a new phone; from unwrapping the packaging, to switching it on for the first time and then navigating your way around all the new features – you’d like it to be a both pleasurable and easy experience right? The same goes for web design, once a user arrives at a site, they should embark on a journey that is going to leave them satisfied once they disembark.

All this makes experience design considerably more human. Where web design was able to be design for the sake of design, that’s no longer the case with experience design.

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