First Mini Robotic Printer

How nifty is this little critter?! This mobile printer boasts some very impressive features and is one handy gadget to own. It uses WIFI to connect to any device (even Smartphones) and has the ability to print on any size paper for a whole hour long! Simply connect the battery to recharge. Wow!


There are currently only a limited amount of these mobile printers available for preorder and at the moment they are selling at $314.00, which includes the ink cartridges – this is roughly rounded off to R4 000. Not a bad price actually if you compare it to the price of a standard good quality office printer.

The Zuta Pocket Printer has definitely made an advance in print technology. Imagine the look on the face of your client when you whip out this big gun to print documents anywhere and instantly – Impressive much!

Watch this robot at work here:

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