Encourage Your Users with Call to Actions!

What is a Call to Action?

A Call To Action, or CTA, is a word or words that urge a reader to take an immediate action. These CTAs can look something like the following: “Call Now!” or “Shop Now!” or “Click Here” or “Find Out More Here”.

Why are CTA’s so Effective in Marketing?

CTA’s work in such mysterious ways. Well, actually, they work in a subliminal way. Most of the time, we as users, are unaware of the fact that we have been carefully guided to a checkout page. This is all done by a well-planned marketing strategy and subliminal messaging (and a few sprinkles of fairy dust).

What Are the Best Things About CTA’s?

CTA’s can benefit both the user and company in various different ways:

 CTA’s give users quick and easy links to the places that they really want to go.
CTA’s give companies a chance to promote sales or services quickly and effectively.
CTA’s in Social Media is a great way to get creative with your Marketing for users scrolling quickly through their feeds.

In What Ways Can CTA’s Be Used?

In modern marketing strategies, CTA’s have a very prominent presence in so many types of campaigns:

• Social Media Marketing strategies or SMM use CTA’s a lot of the time.
• Email Marketing campaigns especially use CTA’s for promoting absolutely anything.
• Affiliate Marketing strategies rely very heavily on CTA’s as the industry is primarily e-commerce based.
• Normal company websites use CTA’s to guide users to the contact page or wherever they need the users to go.
• CTA’s can even be used in a speech: “Is this really how you want to spend your money? I have a better way – listen up!

There are so many ways to use CTA’s in marketing – just pick a strong verb, provoke emotion or desire, give the user FOMO, get creative and watch the magic happen. Now that you know a little bit about CTA’s, be on the lookout and maybe get a little creative with your own marketing strategies.

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