Apple Park is Now Open!

Back in 2011, Steve Jobs made a public announcement of his plans for “Apple Campus 2” (now officially known as “Apple Park”). Those plans turned into reality very soon afterwards when they broke ground in Cupertino City, just down the road from the current campus, “Infinite Loop”.

Steve Jobs envisioned Apple Park to be “a center for creativity and collaboration”. From what Apple has shown us, creativity and collaboration will come easily in this space.

It is going to take roughly 6 months to move all 12000 employees into the campus. The move officially commenced in early April.

Here Are a Few Things that One Can Look Forward to as an Employee on Campus:

• A large $70 million state-of-the-art fitness center.
• Miles of running and cycling trails, with bikes on hand to help employees get around.
• Secure research and development facilities.
• The world’s largest naturally ventilated building.
• And much, much more…

Here Are a Few Fun Facts about Apple Park:

• It’s powered by 100% renewable energy.
• 2.8 million square-foot main building.
• Apple Park uses roughly 6 kilometers of huge curved glass panes in its design.
• 80% of the site will be green space, and Apple is planning to plant 7,000 trees on campus, many of which will be fruit trees.
• Apple commissioned custom tables from Arco, a Dutch furniture maker.
• Apple has worked closely with architectural practice Foster + Partners to create this marvel.
• “The design was partly inspired by the main quad on Stanford University’s campus” Foster said.

Apple Park is certainly going to be a spectacle once it is completed and we can’t wait to see some more pictures (and hopefully see it first-hand one day).

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