5 Things Your Website Might be Missing

I think we can finally say that the world has caught on to the fact that every business needs a website to be acknowledged as an established and functioning company. Great! Unfortunately, a good web design alone is simply not going to bring in the influx of new clients you hoped for, there’s more to having a successful online marketing campaign than just that. There are essential elements that need to be included, we would like to share some of our suggestions with you:

1. SEO – Your Site Needs to be Optimised for Search Engines!

We get many distraught calls from clients who have recently had their website designed, but cannot find it when searching for their keywords. Keep in mind that there are many similar companies to yours out there and not all of them can fit on to the first page of Google. The more you spend on Search Engine Optimisation, the better your chances are of ranking organically and being found faster, before your competition. This SEO should include on page optimisation as well as off page optimisation. Contact us for more info on SEO – info@epicdev.co.za

2. Have a Visible Call to Action

Make it easy for your viewers to connect with you. We still find it so surprising when we land on a website where the contact details are hidden somewhere on the very last page. Add your contact details to your home page and announce them loudly and clearly.

3. Testimonials are Extremely Important

People want to know your reputation before they purchase your product or service – it’s that simple. So, enlighten and reassure them that you are the reputable business they are looking for. Display testimonials clearly, boldly and keep them real!

4. Content is King – You Need a Blog!

A blog has now become a requirement for all websites. It is an ideal way to build content for SEO purposes. Frequent blogging allows your viewers to see that you are an active and functioning business and it is a perfect opportunity to answer all those FAQs you may get.

5. Mobile Compatibility is Crucial!

You need to make sure your website is web responsive, which means that it fits to the screens of smaller devices neatly and efficiently, that is, it must make sense to your viewers. Many older websites do not fit this standard, if this is you, it’s time for a redesign!

If you have a website but it is not doing what you intended it to do, best to relook and see what your site is missing or where it could be tweaked to perfection, it might just need some minor changes!

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