5 Things We Need to Know Before Designing Your Website

Your website is there to give a good and lasting impression, it’s not something that should be taken lightly or put together unprofessionally and in a rush. Building a website that is going to work for you requires strategy, objectives and a whole lot of user-friendliness. This is why we prefer to encourage our potential clients to opt for a professional web design service, instead of trying to “wing” the design using third party software.

This does not mean they we do not require your help and input however, since we want the end result to not only appeal to your viewers, but we want it to appeal to you and please you too. With this in mind, here is a list of 5 things that we need to know before building you the ultimate website:

1. What do You Want Your Website to Do?

Do you need it to simply let your viewers know you exist, is it for advertising, sales, customer care, or all of the above? Knowing the main of objectives of what you would like to attain from your website will play a huge role in how it is developed and designed.

2. Who is Your Target Market and Are You Selling a Product or a Service?

We need to know who you would like to please so that we can create something that will inspire and encourage your viewers to engage with you.

3. How Much Do You Know About SEO?

The funny thing is many people indulge in an illusion that just because they have a website, everyone will find it and interact with it, and then, automatically increasing traffic. Sorry to say, this is not how it works. Your website needs to be developed with SEO in mind, and again, the more we know about your business and your target audience, the better equipped we will be to ensure that your website has been search-engine optimized to its fullest.

4. What Kind of Content (and How Much Content) Would You Like Your Website to Include?

Content is a key aspect of any website and we will need your guidance to determine how many images, what kind of images, how much text, and what kind of text you would like to include in your layout and design.

5. Budget

This is always the trickiest to discuss, but our advice to you is to be open about your budget from the get-go. At Epicdev we are accommodating in that we offer a variety of payment methods and solutions, this is because we want you to have a magnificent website that truly works for you! Remember, a website is a long-term investment and if done properly, you will reap the returns in no time!

Building a website might seem simple from the outskirts, but there is a lot more to it, especially if you want a site that is actually found online and works for you. The more information you can give us on your vision, your goals and advertising preferences, the better we will be able to develop an online portal that takes your business to a new level.

Please contact our Epicdev team so we can be of service: info@epicdev.co.za | 031 767 5580

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