5 Best Mobile Apps for Students

As kids, we rely on our parents. They are the ones who keep track if our daily schedules, serve us breakfast and packed lunches and in some cases, they go as far as making sure we actually do get out of bed in the mornings. When it comes to student life, however, the responsibility starts to fall onto our shoulders as we slowly start to edge towards what we call “adulting”. This is the time where we start to be accountable for our actions, for ensuring we are on time and meet deadlines and just generally taking care of ourselves.

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Luckily for us, we live in an era where technology comes to the rescue and in this case, it’s in the form of mobile applications. Yup, there are so many apps that are available for download which make living the life of a student a breeze.

Allow us to share our top 5 picks with you:

  1. Flashcards App

Let’s start with this ultimate learning tool, the Flashcard app. This app makes self-testing easy! Simply use the pre-made cards available or create your own, unique to the material that you are currently studying. The flash cards can be in the form of pictures, audio clips, and even multiple-choice questions. This educational app is your ultimate study buddy!

Key Features

• Make your own flash ards for any subject you can think of
• Share your cards with your study partner by pairing your devices
• The app automatically shuffles your cards for you

2. Evernote

Time to toss out your bulky diaries and install the multi-functional Evernote app. This app has been created to simply help you “do life”. With its daily planners, To-Do lists and ability to organise your saved files, you’ll master “adulting” in no time! What’s awesome is that you can sync your devices with your account, so your information will be at hand no matter where you are.

Key Features

• Records and saves audio recordings
• Automatically set the app to upload documents and images
• Organise life from one small mobile device

3. Dictionary.com App

This is mobile app development at its finest! The name of the app speaks for itself, that is, it’s an app that works like a dictionary, but without the hassle of sifting through pages and lugging a large book around in your backpack. With this educational tool, you can access the full English dictionary as well as other languages too! It even works offline!

Key Features

• Includes words and their definitions from a multitude of different languages
• Has a “word of the day” feature which helps you to build your vocabulary
• Also features options for synonyms, plural and singular forms as well as where the words have been derived from

4. Headspace

Life is tough, to say the least, but as students, we tend to battle with the transition from child to adult, all while our hormones are still raging and the pressure of student life is almost overbearing. This is where Headspace steps in as a meditating mobile application that helps you to clear your mind, focus and most importantly, it reminds you to breathe! The application comes with short audio sessions that teach you the basics of meditation and mindfulness with the objective that a clear and happy mind is a healthy one.

Key Features

• Includes short daily audio sessions that walk you through the steps of how to meditate and clear your mind
• Options include meditation sessions for all sorts of requirements, from sessions for helping you to sleep to even giving you ideas on how to encourage your kids to meditate
• You can track your progress and the number of days you have been meditating for as well as add friends who can follow your journey

5. Mint

Mint is a mobile app that has been developed to help people plan their lives financially and since students often find themselves strapped for cash, this is the ultimate budgeting tool. With this application you can link your account to your cards and other financial services, syncing the information so that you have a well-balanced forecast. The financial app also helps you to save money and budget accordingly so that you can still make it through the month.

Key Features

• Use this app to link your bank accounts and your loans together with your monthly income so that the financial tool can automatically sync data and provide you with accurate forecasts
• Use the goal tracking and managing feature to help you pay off debt and save towards a new car
• This financial app is 100% secure and measures include a Touch ID sensor for iOS that reads your fingerprint and automatically unlocks your phone, allowing you quick and safe access to your financials

While there are tons of mobile applications ready for download that will assist you in your career as a student, the 5 we have mentioned will cover all aspects of student life. From planning your day and helping you study to organising your finances and encouraging you to relax, there really is an app for almost everything!

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