5 Advantages of Remote Work for Companies

For some employers, the advantages of this system might not be so apparent. While the benefits of a home office are obvious for employees, some employers fail to see how it could benefit their business if their workforce is no longer under their noses, so to speak.

Below we’ve collected some of the most common ways that working remotely can benefit both employee and employer.

  1. Less Time Spent on the Road

Eliminating the time an employee spends in traffic can bolster their spirits significantly, and this improvement in their temperament will reflect in their productivity too.

Even if we disregard the impact commute has on the employees themselves, it is also far more environmentally friendly to work remotely. According to the State of Telecommuting in the U.S. Employee Workforce report, if the workforce expanded to include those who would work from home even just half the time, the greenhouse gas savings would equate to taking about 10 million cars off the road.

2. Fewer Distractions for the Employee

While you may have done an endless stream of research on the best ergonomic practices, some people might just not be able to work optimally with the restrictions of conforming to how someone else would want them to work.

When an employee has the freedom to set up their work environment the way that they feel best boosts their focus, it will also provide them the opportunity to minimize distractions, since some are more easily distracted than others. This by extension will boost their productive state of mind and they will get more work done.

3. A Stronger Workforce for Your Company

Remote opportunity opens you up to a wider pool of applicants when recruiting to fill a specific role, in other words, having the opportunity to hire anyone, with any skill level, regardless of where they are based.

This is enforced by Indeed’s Remote Work Survey, which stated that 56% of remote employees said that working from home reduced their absences. Employees are less desperate to take a break from the office, thereby taking fewer leave days. And when they’re sick? Working from home isn’t as bad as going into the office, so they might not even be absent even if they’re not feeling well. An added bonus is that there is less chance of their illness spreading to the rest of the team.

The option of working from the comfort of their own home will in turn also make the employees happier – and happy employees won’t quit, so you can keep your workforce strong.

4. Fewer Business Expenses

An office space decked out with the necessary office supplies is expensive, regardless of where you’re based. These expenses are more often than not a company’s highest fixed monthly costs. Even if you can claim some of it back as part of your capital allowance, what if you could cut the cost altogether? IBM saved $50 million in real estate costs last year by allowing employees to work remotely.

Similarly, many workers have opted for having remote work as a company benefit over getting a salary increase, which could further bolster the company’s financial stability.

5. A More Productive Team

It might be a bit tricky to put complete faith in your employees to get everything done in time when they’re at home, but there is undeniable evidence that those who do, definitely benefit from an increase in productivity.

In a 2019 study conducted by Owl Labs that collectively assessed over 4 000 remote workers since 2018, concluded that those who work remotely are 24% happier and more productive in their roles than those who are unable to work remotely. People feel more at ease in a location of their choosing, which in turn motivates them to work more efficiently.

Thanks to the wondrous invention of the world wide web, you can be connected to your team at any time of the day. This offers you the option of cutting down on meeting times too, which has been proven to bolster productivity, not to mention save time that should otherwise be spent making your clients happy.

It’s time for more companies to consider the benefits of having their teamwork remotely. If you would like to speak to experts in the field to assist you in setting up a remote working environment, contact Epicdev today!

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