4 Top Benefits of Having a Responsive Website

Gone are the days of needing a “.mobi” for your website to reach a target audience on mobile phones. One of the top web design trends over the past few years is Responsive Web Design or RWD, enabling optimal viewing and interaction experience over a wide range of devices.

4 Benefits:

• Google loves responsive websites! Given that having a responsive website adds a huge bonus with the user experience, Google now places large emphasis on this as a ranking factor. So from an SEO standpoint, a responsive design is now the way to go.

• It is cost effective! Instead of having two sites developed and running, you now have one super Multi-tasking website from the beginning. An added bonus for SEO is the fact that all of your traffic is directed onto a single site no matter which device they prefer to use.

• No content duplication penalties! If you have two websites on the internet that have the same content then you may look ‘spammy’ to Google and get penalized. This is not a very obvious Google ranking factor, but is a big one none-the-less.

• Easier and cost effective site management! Now instead of using multiple image sizes over multiple websites, you can use one CMS and your content will automatically adjust itself for the different devices.

BONUS BENEFIT: The ‘cool’ factor! There is always an added marketing bonus when a consumer sees that your company is embracing new technology and staying relevant in the digital world. This adds a lot of positive points to the user-experience, especially while using your online store.


So, with the consistent rise in smartphone and tablet sales, users prefer to use them for browsing more and more. A responsive website design ensures that you stay with the trends and increase your search engine visibility and ranking. There is also the huge benefit of increased positive user-experience.

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