4 Attainable New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

Happy New Year! 2019 is here and we are already well into the first month. For those who are still clinging to their New Year’s resolutions, well done! To those who are battling, hold tight, you’ve got this! New year’s resolutions are there to help us make a fresh start and they also encourage us to grow. This is why it is imperative that company owners create a list of resolutions for their businesses over and above their personal goals. This can be a daunting task, however, and that’s why we’re here to give you a little nudge in the right direction.

We have listed a few typical new year resolutions for businesses. It’s up to you to decide which are applicable to your business and which have the potential to help you reach your objectives in 2019. Before you set yourself challenges, we do advise that you remember to keep your resolutions reasonable, sizeable, and realistic. Also, you’re not limited to these ideas, they’re simply here to give you some insight into what it is your business should be focusing on.

  1. Connect with Other Businesses in Your Industry

Taking the time to connect with other business owners who are in the same or similar industry as you will give you a lot of insight into whether you are on the right track or not. It will also give you moments of inspiration as you draw advice and ideas from those who are trying to attain the same goals. Visiting conferences and seminars is a fantastic way to not only make business connections but these events also have an uncanny way of keeping you driven as you work toward the vision you have for your company.

2. Make Social Media a Priority

As a social media marketing agency based in South Africa, we still come across many businesses who shy away from social media. We cannot stress enough how important online marketing is, in fact, it is currently the strongest and most effective marketing tool there is. If your brand is not yet advertising on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then we encourage you to make this a top priority for 2019.

3. Focus on Teamwork and Employee Productivity

Your business is only as strong as the team it’s composed of and if you can encourage your employees to work on their personal growth by supporting them with their own personal resolutions, then they are more likely to be in a good state of mind. It’s this positive energy that will in turn seep into your company and help to drive it in the direction you want it to go. If your employees feel valued, it will also increase their work ethic – and improve your businesses success overall. Use 2019 to build teams within your company and allow partners to support and encourage each other in all avenues.

4. Leave Behind Anything that Didn’t Lean Towards Positive Growth in 2018

The start of a new year is an excellent time to reflect on what didn’t work during the previous year. This doesn’t mean that you’re focusing on the negative, it simply means that you need to figure out what strategies simply didn’t make the cut. Perhaps it’s time that they are now put to rest so that you can focus on new ideas and solutions, instead of pushing through with something that is only weighing you down. This doesn’t mean that you should throw away every idea that didn’t succeed last year. We simply suggest that you analyse the reasons why they didn’t succeed and then consider if it’s worth implementing changes to some and then trying something completely different for others.

While every industry is different and we all have unique goals and visions for our companies, we can certainly agree that growth is something that we all want to attain. By realising our personal goals as well as our business objectives, we can plan our year ahead and work towards something substantial – possibly even remarkable!


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