Project Description

Stewart Attorneys

The Mission

Stewart Attorneys is undergoing a transformation. They needed Epicdev to understand the processes linked to this transformation and the “bigger picture”, i.e. the journey they are on to manage and achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

Stewart Attorneys website Portfolio

Epicdev is very excited to be a part of this journey that is positioning Stewart Attorneys as the first fully digital, fully female legal firm! The challenge with this project was that every single page and section of the site needs to be on-point as this is the first step in their digital transformation, paving the way to the “bigger picture” which includes more robust application development which Epicdev will be involved in.

Stewart Attorneys website Portfolio

The Solution

Epicdev spent a lot of time in planning meetings with the client to ensure that the rollout will be smooth and on point. After the design and development work, Epicdev spent more time with the client going through the site and making any adjustments that were required. The brilliance of this website is how well the content has been structured to  draw focus to the many Calls To Action (CTA). This is an extremely important factor to take into account for Business websites, as the conversion of users to customers is essentially the bottom line of what an investment in a website is for.

Stewart Attorneys website layout

The Client’s Feedback

“Danny and I are superbly impressed with how the website came out ! We have had such good feedback about how stylish, sleek and accessible the website is. Thank you so very much for your help and assistance throughout and special thanks to Mpummy and Beryl for their patience and help to get this exactly right ! You have an awesome team and they follow your standard of work and care with clients, well done!”

Annette Stewart – Managing Director, Stewarts Attorneys

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