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Beehive was an amazing project to work on. The client approached us with a great idea but we had to start from the foundation. We endeavored to perfect their corporate identity, focusing on a clean, modern design with obvious references to education and bees, as per their request.

The objective of this project was to create an online platform for tutors and students to come onto and be able to network. The system allows for tutors to sign up and specify what services they offer, and allow students in the vicinity to approach them on the system, and arrange private lessons with them.

Picture of Beehive's website Landing page

Beehive Logo & Corporate Guidelines

The brief for the corporate identity was simple: keep it clean, modern, and introduce elements of education, as well as bringing the name of the system, Beehive, to life with references to bees, hives or honey.

Our lead designer conceptualized a plethora of different options, each with a unique connotation and interpretation of the brief. Eventually, with the guidance of the client, a consensus was made. A hexagonal design to play on the shape of honeycomb, cleverly constructed to resemble the shape of a pencil, with reference to the education side of the brand. Finally, a drop of honey, drawing students and tutors in with the sweet aroma of educational prosperity.

Picture of Beehive Logo & Corporate Guidelines

System Wireframes

Every design needs a skeleton to plan and conceptualize what direction the end result needs to go to. From sketches and client briefs we were able to construct some wire-frames that served as the foundation for the final design.

Picture of Beehive's System Wireframes

General Screens

As someone who has not yet logged in, some of the screens would be unavailable. However, they will have access to most of the system until they either want to book a lesson or become a tutor. In such a case they will need to proceed with the sign-up process.

Once the user has signed up, they will have access to all the available features on the system. They can request tutors in their area, and create a communication link via the messaging system. As a tutor they will have the ability to create and manage their profile, subject, prices and availability. They will also be able to use the chatting functionality to communicate with their students.

Picture of Beehives General Screens

A Closer Look at the Home Screen

The index page is the face of the system and needs to draw the user in. We followed a soft aesthetic with warm colours to convey the approach-ability of the company, and followed through with the brand by sprinkling the design with the honeycomb shapes.

The whole systems follow through with modernism with responsive steps and an easily usable interface.

Picture of Beehive's Closer Look at the Home Screen
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