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Dr Stephen Hawkesworth

About His Practice

Dr Stephen Hawkesworth, a local chiropractor, started his small practice to help the surrounding community, and has established his brand as that of great service, a healing touch, as well as modern, tried-and-tested techniques in his field of expertise.

He recently came to realize the value in a recognizable brand identity and to create a presence larger than the community. He wanted a digital product that would reflect this and be timeless. After he provided a brief for his requirements and some deliberation, we provided him with the below concept. The design was kept clean and modern to entice the expansion of his clientele, easily navigable and quick access to all necessary information.

Picture Dr Hawkesworth website Storyboard

Dr Stephen Hawkesworth Logo & Corporate Guidelines

We started off the project with a redesign of the logo. The client wanted us to retain the classic elements of his existing brand, so we kept the font that was used previously. The icon was approached with a more modern and minimalism theme in mind, as per his original brief.

Strong, geometric shapes were used, but softened to convey the more organic feel the client wanted. The repetition of shapes illustrated the structure and reliability one expects from your spine, as well as Dr Hawkesworth’s service.

Picture of Dr. Hawkesworth Corporate Guidelines

System Wireframes

Every design needs a skeleton to plan and conceptualize what direction the end result needs to go to. From sketches and client briefs we were able to construct some wireframes that served as the foundation for the final design.
Picture System Wireframes Dr. Hawkesworth website

General Screens

Picture Dr Hawkesworth website Storyboard

A Closer Look at the Home Screens

First impressions make or break a brand, so the index page of a website is arguably the most essential. It allows navigation to all other parts of the system with short, enticing introductions.
Picture Dr Hawkesworth website Storyboard

Responsive Steps

The whole systems follow through with modernism with responsive steps and an easily usable interface.
Picture Dr Hawkesworth website Storyboard
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