Project Description

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The Mission

SumQuest is an addition-based board game that is aimed at helping school kids practice their simple math skills and boosting the mental math ability of all age groups. The founder of SumQuest approached Epicdev in 2018 to assist in making this boardgame a mobile app. Epicdev successfully developed the mobile app and it is available on the Google Play store and Apple store to download and play for free.

SumQuest Game Portfolio Designed by Epicdev

The app has been a great success so far. It has been downloaded and installed more than 5’000 times on Google Play within the first 3 months after launching the app. The client also enlisted Epicdev’s help with the SumQuest website and marketing strategy. Which is what this portfolio entry focuses on.  

SumQuest website wireframe

The Solution

Epicdev opted for a WordPress website for the agility of this alongside the marketing strategy. The website has a blog which is populated by the client on a regular basis and these blog posts are shared on SumQuest’s social media platforms. The site also has an “About” section which introduces the app as well as a “FAQs” section that aids users of the app with standard questions they might have. Naturally we made sure that the site is user friendly and 100% mobile compatible. The user exerperience of the site on a mobile device is extremely important as most visitors will likely go to the website from a mobile device, seeing as they might have arrived there from the Google Play store or Apple store. The website has also been a great success so far, having received great reviews from visitors.

SumQuest website Responsive screen

The Client’s Feedback

“In researching which company to use to create my mobile game app, I came across a minefield of information regarding companies to use which was overwhelming, to say the least. Whilst it was tempting to use an offshore company with perceived cost savings, I wanted to support a local company but had concerns about doing so. I approached Epicdev and met with Lannon to not only explain my idea but also to express my concerns regarding expertise, costs, project management, and time frames, etc. Lannon not only was able to placate my concerns at the initial meeting but was also realistic about the project stages and costs required and since that initial meeting, he and his team have kept me fully apprised of the process and have been instrumental in bringing my mobile game app idea to fruition. I highly recommend Epicdev!”

Gary Millichip – Founder, SumQuest

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