WordPress Dev Test

  1. What do you consider a good PSI score for a website?
  2. Please elaborate on a strategy you would follow to get this PSI score.
  3. Which are your favourite plugins to use and why?
  4. Which is your favourite theme to use and why?
  5. Please explain what a WordPress hook is.
  6. What process do you follow when searching for a new plugin before installing it.
  7. Please code one page, by hand, in HTML and CSS. The page must have:
    1. A heading
    2. An image slider with 3 images
    3. A main menu with 3 links (The links can connect to any external pages)
    4. A content section with:
      1. An image on the left of a sub-heading and paragraph of text
      2. A bulleted list
    5. An interesting footer with the copyright notice and terms and conditions and privacy policy links

Please note:

Remember to write your answers in a doc and include your HTML page with all of its assets altogether in one zip file which you must email to recruit@epicdev.co

Your answers and files need to be sent to us before the first of February 2022.

All the best,
The Epicdev Team 🙂