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Koshi Consulting

Providing Companies with Financial Freedom

Koshi Consulting provides bookkeeping, taxation and other similar services to those who have financial concerns, either for personal or business purposes, and require versed professionals for more assistance.

They pride themselves on efficient, reliable support for their clientele. To live up to this, they came to us to build them an online system that would reflect that.

Picture Koshi Consulting website Storyboard

Koshi Consulting Logo & Corporate Guidelines

Picture Koshi Consulting Logo & Corporate Guidelines
Picture Koshi Consulting Logo & Corporate Guidelines
Picture Koshi Consulting Logo & Corporate Guidelines

Fonts & Colours

A brand’s font and colour choices have an immense impact on those who view them. A simple serif font was chosen for their brand to reflect their traditional, formal professionalism. Green was chosen as the primary colour to reflect wealth – both in their knowledge and their clientele’s financial security – and accompanied by a warmer brown and yellow to promote approach-ability, and finally charcoal, to symbolise their formality and firmness in their field of expertise.

Picture of Font and Colours


The client turned to us for a modern, clean design – but before that, we needed to plan the user flow. A visually driven and easily navigable system was required, and that’s what we strove for.

Picture Wireframe Koshi Consulting website

A Closer Look at the Home Screen

The home screen offers insight into the rest of the website, allowing the user to navigate to whatever information they are looking for. We included clear indication of Koshi’s services and what they entail, as well as an overview of some client testimonials.

Picture Koshi Consulting website


We pride ourselves on providing unique experiences for each of our clients. In a world where most interactions take place on a mobile platform of some kind, having a responsive website is a must. So we endeavoured to create a beautifully responsive website complete with a unique candy-box mobile menu to display the most important navigational elements.

Picture Koshi Consulting website Storyboard
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