This is our get to know Epicdev page. Here you get to be nosey and meet the members of our team. We hope you like our faces!

At Epicdev we keep ourselves inspired by staying ahead of trends, implementing best practices, and ensuring that we are on top of our game. Our team understands the importance of a close, in-depth knowledge of our clients’ goals, products and services. Our clients love our professional, quick service and the personal touch we embed in each website, design, and illustration.

So let’s see, who do we have here:


Managing Director
Charismatic and visionary leader with a love for web development, guitars and business growth.


Technical Director
Technical expert often found either at a shooting range or in the great outdoors.


Financial Manager
Loving wife and mother of 2 who blogs and does arts and crafts in her spare time.


Front-end Developer
Self-taught web developer with a fond love of video games and hiking.


Software Developer
Head of Development

Software expert with a green thumb and a keen love for photography.


Client Success Manager

A family-orientated mom who loves to take her daughter shopping or else researching topics of interest.

Picture Of UX Designer Head of Design


UX Designer
Head of Design

Photography expert who loves spending time with loved ones and trying new things.

Picture of a Technical Marketing/Support Head of Marketing


Technical Marketing/Support
Head of Marketing

Avid gamer who loves spending time in the outdoors on his SuperBike.

Picture of Junior UX Designer


Junior UX Designer
Digital artist, gamer and animal lover with an aspiration toward the world of code.

Picture of Junior Software Developer


Junior Software Developer
Software expert with his head buried almost exclusively in the research and execution of code.

Picture Of a Development Intern


Development Intern
Our newest addition to the team enjoys creating 3D art, music visualizers and playing video games.

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