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    Keep Social Media Clean

    More and more employers are admittingly looking at candidate’s social media accounts before making a decision on who to hire, and the same goes for consumers and businesses who are looking to approve suppliers. 

    Date Posted: 2018-04-18

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    So, you have an idea for a mobile app? Let’s get started!

    Have you ever had a thought like: “Wow, I wonder if there is an app to help me with this.” Or “I have such a great idea for an app to help me with this.” Or “I have an idea for an app that will blow this one out of the wat

    Date Posted: 2018-03-14

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    Things That Disgruntle Designers

    It’s happened to every designer at some point: a client or co-worker makes an absolutely cringe-worthy comment about your designs. Don’t get me wrong, feedback is an important and crucial step of the design process, but often the questions

    Date Posted: 2018-03-07

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    Improve Your Blog’s Visibility By Putting These 3 Things Into Practice.

    We have all been told time and time again that our website’s blog has the potential to be our biggest marketing tool for our business. Well, whoever has told you this, is not wrong.

    Date Posted: 2018-02-28

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    Fun Facts About SEO And Online Marketing

    With 2018 in full swing, we thought we would encourage you to put your Online Marketing plan into action with some fun and inspiring facts.

    Date Posted: 2018-01-31

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    Tips for Choosing a Web Development Company

    You have an out of this world idea for an application, you have gathered some funds and have spoken to potential investors. Now what? Your next step is to approach web and software development companies in your area, or even abroad. 

    Date Posted: 2017-11-15

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